blanes marcel 400

A study of 4,000 Mexican car buyers has reported an increase in the number of motorists looking to buy a vehicle between one and five years old.

Conducted by the Federación de Asociaciones de Concesionarios de la Automoción (Faconauto) and Mexican car sales website, the study claimed 88% of those surveyed were in the market for a used car compared to 75% a year ago.

Of those considering a second-hand purchase, 69% said they were looking for a used car under five years old. The proportion of used car buyers who purchased a vehicle during the year and opted for vehicles in this age range increased from 14% in 2017 to 23% this year.

Marcel Blanes, head of institutional relations at, said [in Spanish], “We observed that the trend among second-hand vehicle buyers continues to focus on cars less than five years old.

“The study concluded that the main reason buyers choose cars of this type is because they are likely to get a superior model for the same price [as a newer one].”

He added that such vehicles were generally plentiful in dealerships and claimed that nearly new cars represented a progression towards lower-emitting models.