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A skilled, diverse workforce is the key to successfully tackling the digitalisation challenge.

By having different views and different backgrounds, a company can broaden its horizons and introduce new ideas and an enthusiasm for innovation that will lay the foundations for companies to adapt to change.

According to Andy Denton, CEO of global financial software giant Alfa, companies need a cultural shift to embrace the potential of digitalisation.

Learn more about his vision in this video, courtesy of Alfa, which can be viewed here.

Also in the three-minute video, Steve Taplin, global sales director at Alfa, reveals how digitalisation can enhance loyalty and drive customer insight.

He said: “If you engage with the customer, give them access to more capability and service, you can generate value and emotional switching costs, so you’ve got much more chance of retaining that customer when they come to making a decision near the end of their term.”

For more information on Alfa's vision for digitalisation, download their white paper from their website: Digital Directions: Exploring digitalisation in the asset finance industry.