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Finance technology company White Clarke Group is providing new advanced data visualisation services, dashboards and intelligent analysis in a partnership with information management company OpenText.

OpenText Analytics offfers a comprehensive set of analytics software which White Clarke Group will use to provide users of its CALMS platform with enhanced data insights.

The CALMS platform is used by automotive, consumer and equipment finance companies around the world to manage their process flows for loan origination and loan servicing.

Peter Kainradl, director at White Clarke Group, said: “Customers want powerful and insightful tools to analyse and assess their data within the CALMS platform.

“OpenText Analytics provides that visibility by allowing the end-users to dynamically select the data to be analysed.

“OpenText Analytics have enabled us to develop a specific data model that provides deep data insights to all business functions, and allows true analytics for the company as a whole.”

White Clarke Group began the deployment with its first customer last year and is expanding its use of OpenText Analytics across its platform.

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