green scooter

E-mobility specialist Lime has begun rolling out its electric scooters across more South American cities.

Earlier in July, the company began offering the scooters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Lima, Peru.

Along with Mexico City, Santiago de Chile and Bogota, Colombia, it is currently operating in seven cities in Latin America in total.

The vehicles are concentrated in major urban areas and designed to be hired for short periods at low cost via a smartphone app, in a similar manner to ride-hailing companies such as Uber.

The company also plans to expand its existing operations in Mexico City and Santiago, as well as in cities outside of Latin America.

Wayne Ting, Lime’s global head of operations and strategy, said: "Latin America is ready for a massive shift in transportation, and we see the region as a perfect place for micro-mobility.

“Lime is successfully operating in some of the world’s biggest, densest and most congested cities, and we want to bring our know-how and experience to Latin America to help transform the way people get around their communities.”

The company also announced a new feature known as Group Ride in July, in which users can simultaneously hire up to five electric scooters from the same account.