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With the release of the UK governments four step roadmap to easing the lockdown restrictions, many fleet operators are concerned about challenges and importance of fleet compliance in the near future, according to fleet finance software provider, Licence Bureau.

The company stated that the disruptive consequences of the pandemic, including the rise of remote working, have brought about serious implications for many businesses. These span from risk management and duty of care obligations to the fact that ‘cause or permit to drive’ legislation means that penalties can be duplicated for fleet managers should employers request employees to visit the office – which may no longer be deemed as their ‘place of work’.

Steve Pinchen (pictured above), sales director at Licence Bureau, said: “Without doubt, these past 12 months will have a significant long-term impact on business driving across policies, procedures and practices. Not only has the pandemic changed the requirements for many, but so too now comes a clear intent to alter how we impact the environment – the mass adoption of electric vehicles being a key part of that. And already this is altering how businesses and drivers view ownership.”

To a certain degree, the negative consequences of the pandemic for fleet operators have been mitigated by significant advancements in digital compliance capabilities.

An example of this can be found in the recent partnership between Licence Bureau and TTC Group, a UK-based fleet service provider. As a result of the partnership, Licence Bureau’s compliance solution has been integrated into TTC’s real-time risk management platform, TTC Continuum, which was designed to provide a remote solution to fleet compliance, risk and learning.

Pinchen added: “TTC Group is changing the way driver risk management and fleet compliance is achieved, and Licence Bureau has a key role to play in that. Leveraging and sharing capabilities and resources is enhancing efficiencies throughout the business.

“By aggregating the areas of compliance, risk and learning, along with integrating data from multiple sources including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology, TTC Continuum is definitely the future for fleet safety.

Founded in 2003, Licence Bureau provides a range of driver and fleet management solutions to its clients across the UK, which includes some 23% of the FTSE-100 and a range of small businesses.

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