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In recognition of World EV Day 2022, Ogilvie Fleet revealed it has been surging ahead of the curve with an impressive 219% year-on-year increase in the number of electric vehicles on its fleet, and more than double the SMMT industry average.

The rapid adoption of EVs and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles by Ogilvie’s drivers has resulted in drop in emissions across its passenger vehicle fleet over the same period, as the push towards greener transportation by Ogilvie Fleet for its drivers has taken effect. 45% of all car orders taken for the year ahead are for pure EVs, and when plug in hybrids are included, this rises to an impressive 78% of all vehicles being BEV of PHEV.

Within the light commercial vehicle sector of its fleet, there has been a year-on-year increase in electric LCVs, with the share of orders at 6% compared to the UK average of just 5%.

Nick Hardy, Sales and Marketing Director of Ogilvie Fleet commented: “In time for World EV Day 2022, Ogilvie Fleet is rightfully proud of the increase in EVs on our fleet. Ogilvie was an early adopter of EVs and has been tireless advocate of EV motoring for our customers, and the increase shows that our approach has been effective.”

To help businesses looking to electrify their fleets ahead of 2030, Ogilvie Fleet set up an internal ‘Green Fleet Taskforce’ in 2020, to discuss changes and developments within the EV landscape, ensuring that all its staff are well informed about the future of electrified fleets.

Furthermore, to help all motorists gain knowledge of electric motoring, not just fleets or Ogilvie customers, the award-winning EV Database was launched by Ogilvie to offer free, up to date information on every single EV currently on sale or due for launch in the UK.

“In providing our customers with independent, brand agnostic advice on EV motoring, we have ensured that rather than being a daunting prospect, the switch to an EV can be beneficial not just for the environment, but for drivers too,” added Hardy.

“With average EV ranges and public charging infrastructure improving every year, we know that EVs are often more than suitable for most drivers, even if they don’t have access to home-charging. Thanks to low tax rates for EVs, alongside the cost per mile of EVs versus petrol or diesel vehicles, our drivers are finding that going electric is not just kind to the environment, but the finances too,” he concluded.

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