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The BVRLA has today published its annual snapshot of the UK’s progress towards a sustainable future, looking at demand, supply and infrastructure for zero emission vehicles.

Overall, the picture for 2022 shows that demand from fleets is strong across the board. Fiscal incentives, increased choice and changing mindsets on transitioning to zero emission fleets have seen progress for cars, vans and trucks.

That progression hasn't been seen in the charging infrastructure, which is improving but continues to trail behind. This is particularly the case for van fleets, as investment in charging infrastructure has been targeted at cars.

With no clear powertrain roadmap in place for HGVs and a lack of clarity, the Report Card shows that HGV infrastructure and supply are 'Parked'.

BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney said: “Electric vehicles are in high demand. Fleets remain committed to bringing cleaner, greener vehicles to UK roads and are delivering ambitious strategies to make it happen.

“Investment in charging infrastructure is not simply a numbers game. More consideration needs to be given to the needs of all road users. Fleet operators are ready to lead the charge but are being left with one hand tied behind their back.

The government is beginning to listen to these concerns and we will continue to push the issue until authorities across the country are building infrastructure strategies that fully meet fleet needs.

You can read the full report at

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