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Licence Check has added a new asset management feature to the second phase of development of its analytical fleet management solution, DAVIS Fleet.

Fully integrated within its risk management platform, DAVIS Fleet is designed to provide fleet managers with management information from a continuous stream of data variables.

The aim is to help them manage their fleets in a more cost effective, risk efficient and sustainable manner, and to move the DAVIS platform from what was widely known as a licence checking platform to a wider fleet management offering for operators.

The new asset management feature is aimed at those fleets which also operate large amounts of plant and machinery and has been developed in response to requests from fleet clients who are often having to resort to outdated spreadsheets to manually manage their non-vehicle assets.

Typical assets could include tractors, fork-lift trucks, trailers, snow ploughs, cherry pickers, mowers, buggies, hedge-cutters, chainsaws, strimmers and many more.

The new module operates in a highly visual dashboard environment within DAVIS Fleet on an exception reporting basis, with alerts signalling when service intervals or safety certificates are due to ensure that fleets remain fully compliant with manufacturer warranties and that assets are maintained in accordance with scheduled guidelines.

Maintenance and testing reminders can be flagged as alerts which are fully time-flexible, for example, from one to six months before the due date, to ensure key service intervals are not missed.

“The new asset management feature within DAVIS Fleet will allow fleets to more effectively manage assets of any description and will alert them to the timing of crucial service intervals,” said Licence Check managing director, Keith Allen (pictured).

“This will ensure they remain fully legally compliant in terms of duty of care obligations and their responsibilities towards their employees. In terms of appropriate risk management, it is vital that all plant and machinery is fully serviced and maintained in line with manufacturer guidelines and at the necessary intervals,” he added.

Allen said the new asset management functionality had been developed following feedback from a number of fleet clients, including several local authorities, which had large non-vehicle asset registers but no fully automated method of managing them effectively.

“This new functionality will fully automate the operation and management of plant and machinery efficiently in a single platform, alongside their vehicles, in a fully auditable and visible manner.

“It is just the latest in a stream of new developments for DAVIS Fleet that are in the pipeline as we evolve the platform to become an all-encompassing tool for managing tasks and processes across all aspects of driver and vehicle risk,” he added.

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