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Financial software company Alfa has gone live with two large-scale equipment finance providers, which adds a number of new European countries to its global footprint.

With one client, a leading European transport financing company, Alfa completed a major systems replacement project to upscale operational efficiency in the Netherlands, Latvia, Romania and Ireland. This provides the platform to roll out the company’s Alfa Systems software for a further nine portfolios across Europe.

The client has fully integrated contract management, invoicing and CRM, incorporating workflow management to ensure improved time to market for new products, and increased revenues through new products and services.

A second client, a globally recognised name in agriculture and construction, went live with Alfa Point of Sale in Spain and Germany.

The project featured the first deployment of Alfa’s POSkit application, management of over €531 million in assets, and the successful migration of 17,000 customers and 22,000 proposals via web services.

Alfa reported that the feedback from the dealer network has been “overwhelmingly positive”.

This year Alfa has also delivered various software partnerships, the introduction of cash accounts to support simple deposit and offset products, and support for PostgreSQL as a scalable database platform.

Executives say that for 2020 Alfa will provide continued improvement of the user experience, further software partnerships and ongoing implementation of its API strategy among other initiatives.

Earlier this year, Alfa reported an increase in the number of customers requesting complex multi-country implementations of its systems and broader demand for cloud services that drive business efficiencies.

While this means customer decision-making is becoming more complex, it also reflects the increasing value placed on trusted software suppliers that can manage complex international requirements as part of a focus on long-term partnerships, according to the company’s chief executive officer, Andy Denton (pictured).