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Alfa has announced the release of Scalability, the fourth of six releases that make up Alfa Systems 6 - a breakthrough iteration of its Alfa Systems software platform.

Providing “truly always-on, financially coherent operation - without restriction”, Scalability in Alfa Systems 6 presents leading-edge functionality designed for providers looking to scale their business with flexibility and speed.

This applies to providers looking to expand within their current markets, or breaking into new regions and business lines, but who need to maintain high levels of flexibility while minimising capital expenditure.

Discover Scalability in Alfa Systems 6:

Scalability in Alfa Systems 6 from Alfa on Vimeo.

Scalability: Truly always-on, financially coherent operation - without restriction (Vimeo)

Emily Hammond, Alfa’s Head of Product, said: “Scalability, the fourth pillar of Alfa Systems 6, allows finance providers to plan efficiently and confidently for extensions to their operations, without worrying about increased capital spend. This allows them to make use of economies of scale, and mitigate the risk of higher cost bases.”

Building on Alfa Systems’ stable, performant platform, long-term investments by Alfa have delivered the Scalability pillar, equipping finance providers with everything they need to:

  • Optimise and flex resource expenditure: Alfa Cloud’s adaptable resource model offers automated deployments, serverless databases and SOC1-certified processes - as and when required.
  • Onboard new portfolios: Powerful new tooling makes the transfer of acquired portfolios onto Alfa Systems 6 quick and painless.
  • Expand into new markets: Through business rules and advanced configuration management, Alfa Systems 6 gives you the power to roll out operations with flexibility and speed. Use the same configuration in multiple countries, or as a seed for rollouts in new regions or business lines.
  • Harness true 24/7 operation: New ‘rolling close’ capabilities deliver uninterrupted round-the-clock operations and superior performance - a first in the market. Portfolios progress smoothly to the next day with zero downtime, enabling always-on digital self-service for all operations (not just quoting).

Alfa Systems 6 is delivered in a series of six releases that culminate in its full launch later in 2024: 

To find out more about Alfa Systems 6, visit alfasystems.com/6 

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