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Eyelevel Books has published the 7th edition of Company Car and Van Tax 2017-18.

The guide, written by Colin Tourick, professor of automotive management at the University of Buckingham, provides an annual overview of key tax issues for fleet managers in the UK.

The guide has been fully updated after the March 2017 Budget and provides a detailed overview of relevant tax rules, including car benefit tax, fuel benefit tax, VAT, income tax, corporation tax, capital allowances, fuel duty, vehicle excise duty and national insurance contributions.

It also includes coverage of the new rules for optional remuneration, salary sacrifice and car allowances announced in the draft Finance Bill.

Copies are available from Amazon, and bookshops.

Professor Tourick, who is the co-founder of the International Auto Finance Network, said: “The changes announced in this year's Budget will affect many - perhaps most - fleets, so we were keen to publish the book as soon as possible.”