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The Spanish Vehicle Leasing Association (Asociación Española de Renting de Vehículos) has revealed its member fleet grew 10% in the first half of 2018, compared to the same period last year.

Members added more than 155,000 vehicles, taking the total fleet to nearly 860,000 units.

During June, members registered 31,604 cars and vans, a rise of nearly 16% compared to the same period last year.

The total investment by member companies in new vehicles in the first half of the year was €2.85 billion, a rise of 7.5% compared to H1 2017.

Agustín García, president of the Spanish Vehicle Leasing Association, said: “First half data confirms that the sector is going through a good phase and that more people are using our members to support their mobility requirements.”

Founded in 1995, the association has 22 partners, whose members account for around 99% of the vehicle leasing sector.

Its members include ALD Automotive, Alphabet, Alquiber, APK Renting, Arval, Athlon, Bansabadell Renting, Banco Santander, CaixaRenting, Enterprise Flex-e-Rent, Fraikin, Free2Move Lease, Hyundai Renting, Ibercaja Renting, LeasePlan, Leasys, Northgate Renting Flexible, Overlease, Reflex Flexible Renting, Santander Consumer Renting, Toyota Renting and Volkswagen Renting.

Leasing market by class of vehicles

Vehicle typeJune 2018June 2017Variation
Passenger cars 129,161  117,890 9.56%
SUVs 380 465 -18.28%
Derivatives, vans and pick up 16,330 15,103 8.12%
Vans (under 3.5t) 8,141 6,580 23.72%
Lorries (over 3.5t) 1,057 962 9.88%
TOTAL MARKET 155,069 141 9.98%

Source: Asociación Española de Renting de Vehículos