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As the manufacturing sector continues to adopt innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies as a result of the pandemic, some 74% are optimistic towards the future, reveals InfinityQS’ latest Global Client Survey.

The sector is particularly dependent on manual processes and legacy technologies and the pandemic has served as a significant wake-up call. Over the past few months, it has been crucial to pick up new processes for managing production and controlling quality, and 75% of respondents to the survey noted that more of their workers are now operating remotely.

For example, cloud computing has been implemented in many cases as a method of combating the challenges of remote working and to build greater flexibility and resilience into their processes.

Jason Chester, director of global channel programs at InfinityQS, explained: “Manufacturers are rapidly moving away from outdated pen-and-paper processes in favour of cloud-based SaaS solutions, enabling plant staff to efficiently monitor and optimise their production processes in real-time from anywhere.”

“As some plants restart and others adapt to a new normal, we are seeing a sharp rise in our customers seeking to expand their digital capabilities so they can improve agility, productivity, efficiency, and ensure the safety and quality of their products, as well as have access to process data while away from the shop floor to ensure social distancing, or when working from home.”

The research also shows that digitalisation in the manufacturing industry is accelerating due to the sheer urgency of those transformation projects over the last three months.

According to the company, it has experienced this growing trend in the number of proofs of concept for its cloud-native quality intelligence platform Enact® steadily quadrupling over the last three months. There has also been a 316% spike in the company’s professional services hours compared to March when the outbreak occurred.

Chester added: “The increase in requests for our professional services shows manufacturers are taking advantage of the flexibility offered by the cloud and this has been further reflected in the increased demand for our online technical training programs.

“It is fantastic to see the tentative signs of a recovery and the increased demand for cloud-based statistical process control and quality intelligence technologies, which can ensure agile and cost-effective support to manufacturers now and into the future. The fact that 74% of our customers are now reporting an optimistic posture toward the future shows they are confident that these technologies will help them maintain continuity and succeed in the post-pandemic reality.”

Founded in 1989, InfinityQS provides its manufacturing quality intelligence software and services to a global customer base. The company predominantly offers its services to deliver visibility and strategic insight across a customer’s business.