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Bedford-based B2B Fintech, QV Systems, has integrated the DAVIS API (Application Programming Interface) from Licence Check into its Accelerate SaaS platform to provide its clients with the ability to carry out real-time, accurate and fully automated driver licence checking.

The first client to benefit from the integration is EV charging infrastructure, leasing and Electric Forecourt® developer, Gridserve, which is using the application to check the licences of drivers who apply for a test drive experience in one of the electric cars it has available for testing though its leasing arm.

QV Systems operates primarily in the automotive and asset finance arenas and counts several well-known names in fleet, leasing and asset finance, including Zenith Leasing, MotoNovo Finance and Synergy Car Leasing, amongst its 56-strong corporate client base.

Its Accelerate Enterprise cloud-native platform is designed to streamline the lending and leasing process, manage the value chain from start to finish and improve innovation and speed to market for businesses of all size. The business has grown from a single employee in 2015 to a team of 21 developers, support staff and management today.

Founder and CEO, Daniel Layne, said that Gridserve needed a licence checking solution for the test drive experience side of its business and that, following the request, a market review showed that the DAVIS API offered the best option.

“We had been aware of Licence Check for a number of years and its leading position in the licence checking arena. When Gridserve approached us to provide a digital, real-time way of checking driving licences for those drivers who wanted to experience a test drive in an EV, it seemed an obvious solution and the perfect fit for us.

“The DAVIS API offers a comprehensive and impressive array of functionality and the team at Derby were very quick, supportive and helpful, which made the integration very straightforward and a great experience all round.

“We have now integrated the DAVIS API within Accelerate to allow all our clients to access the same licence checking service through DAVIS, although the nature of their businesses means that not all will want to take up the option,” said Layne.

Derby-based Licence Check, part of the Ebbon Group’s recently announced compliance division, Ebbon Compliance, was confirmed in official figures as the UK’s leading provider of licence checking services earlier this year, taking the number one spot for the first time in its history.

It developed the DAVIS API to allow clients to access their data held within the DAVIS platform and integrate its seamlessly into their back-office systems. Currently, around 50 businesses use the service.

Managing director, Keith Allen, said: “We are delighted that QV Systems has been able to provide access to real-time, digital licence checking for its clients through the DAVIS API, which allows them to access the full licence-checking functionality that DAVIS provides and which is intended to empower businesses to manage occupational road risk from a single platform.

“Those drivers wishing to take part in the Gridserve EV test driving experience will now be able to check the status of their licences through DAVIS and feed them back to Gridserve via the Accelerate platform,” he added.