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tick Professor Colin Tourick points out, while it can be easy to see the advantages digital offerings have for consumers, it can be harder for leasing companies and lenders to spot their competitive advantage. 

Our lead article is about the Nordic region. This has often been in the shadow of other, bigger, European markets but which is starting to show signs of more vigorous activity. 


The biggest shadow over Europe is the UK’s departure from the EU. Meanwhile France is one of several countries to see protests against proposed hikes in fuel prices to counter environmental concerns.


Ford and Jaguar Land Rover announced job cuts as manufacturers adjust to the decline in petrol-engine car sales. As well as the switch to alternative fuels, OEMs, fleet managers and lenders must respond to the pressure to do business digitally, a further challenge in a world which is already in a state of flux.


The latest stats from Experteye’s European Leasing Index Report.

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  • Professor Colin Tourick;
  • Johan Trus, Autovista head of valuations and data for the Nordics;
  • Patrik Lindroth, Financial Services Sweden Fleet Head, Volkswagen;
  • Vidar Eriksen, Financial Services Norway MD, Volkswagen;
  • Peter Kragelund Anderson, Business area manager, Nordania Leasing
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