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tick Paul Bennett, director of international business development at Autofutura outlines the ways in which consumers and their ready acceptance of technology, are driving change in the auto finance market. While this is proving highly disruptive to the normal financing process, the change offers opportunities for lenders to get closer to consumers, and to pioneer new ways to streamline the finance lifecycle.

Our lead article offers an overview of Canada. Tax regulations mean that the company car market is markedly different from other country models, while the large distances many drivers cover mean electric vehicle take up has been slow to gain traction.


Grassroots populist movements are becoming increasingly vocal over issues such as climate change and our use of the Earth's resources, with inevitable questions raised over the use of cars.


Tougher emission regulations and a drop in consumer confidence are having a noticeable impact on new vehicle sales.


The latest stats from Experteye’s European Leasing Index Report.

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  • Paul Bennett, director of international business development, Autofutura;
  • Peter Birks, president, Auto Financial Group (AFG) Canada;
  • Bill Dost, group chief executive, DND Finance;
  • Dennis DesRosiers, Owner, DesRosiers;
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