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tick Guest columnist Hendrick Roosna takes a detailed look at how car subscription services can be priced so as to make money, as well as attracting headlines.

Our lead article shines a light on developments in Austria, Hungary, Poland and Romania. With Poland beginning to challenge the Big Five, it's a good time to assess how trends are developing in a sample of countries in the region. With new car sales on the slide in mature markets, OEMs and lenders are looking further afield to bolster revenues, as these countries start to invest in infrastructure and boasts a mobile, young, workforce for whom having a car is fast becoming a necessity.


The one constant in business and political life in 2019 has been change, as leadership elections, campaigns around climate change and Parliamentary procedure and Brexit negotiations have all combined to provide daily challenges to how things are usually done.


In the automotive sector, one of the biggest changes is the growing interest in sharing cars, rather than owning outright. But while it’s an attractive idea for consumers, it’s harder to see how auto finance funders and others can adapt to this new approach.


The latest stats from Experteye’s European Leasing Index Report.

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  • Hendrick Roosna, CEO of Fairown Finance;
  • Paul Gogolinski, owner and director, Total Fleet Solutions;
  • Wolfgang Steinmann, secretary general of the Association of Austrian Leasing Companies;
  • Balazs Toldi, Budapest Bank head of commercial bank;
  • Dr. Adriana Ahciarliu Kyriakidis, founder and general manager at Diplomat Consult
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