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tick Tom Seymour takes a look at how leasing and the fleet market are developing in Russia. While new cars sales have stalled, leasing is gaining popularity. 

Russian drivers are showing a strong interest in car sharing services, although support for other new initiatives, such as electric vehicles, is very low.


It is hard to predict how the Russian auto market will develop. As commentator Ralph Morton points out in his opinion piece, the runaway growth in personal leasing is starting to have an impact on fleet leasing.


Insights into the so-called “death of diesel” on car sales and residual values. Dean Bowkett takes a look at how new powertrains are taking hold across Europe, and the factors influencing the rise of electric vehicles.


The latest stats from Experteye’s European Leasing Index Report.

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  • Sovetkina Zoya, leasing lead, Expert RA
  • Dmitriy Strashkov, head of corporate finance, VWFS Rus
  • Alexander Mikhaylov, chief executive, Europlan
  • Ralph Morton, Editorial Director, Morton Media
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