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A major new research project will take a detailed look at how the sale of services linked to asset-backed financing can offer a compelling opportunity for auto and equipment finance companies so they can develop new income streams and profit growth.

The servitization research project, developed by the International Asset Finance Network, in partnership with GrowCap, will look at how technology can increase customer satisfaction and encourage retention, while also building a competitive advantage over other more traditional finance organizations.

It is looking for finance company partners to support the project. Participants will be able to use the results to develop their future business strategy.

The research project is the third undertaken by the International Asset Finance Network after previous insight programmes identified that the most fundamental challenge in implementing servitization is changing the corporate culture of the enterprise, updating employee skills and renewing the employee base to reflect changing business and customer needs.

Edward Peck, co-founder of the International Asset Finance Network and chief executive officer of Asset Finance International, said: “We are working with strategic change management consultancy GrowCap along with a number of auto and equipment finance companies to look at the challenges being faced in today’s changing business landscape and how servitization can play a part in future strategic planning.

“Participants in this programme will seek to identify the optimal organizational design for their auto and equipment finance businesses.”

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