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A new package from Quotevine, that allows asset finance brokers to process finance applications faster, support SMEs and grow their business.

As SMEs continue to feel the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, brokers are in a prime position to help distribute vital loans to the UK’s small and medium sized businesses.

Quotevine’s new Quickstart Asset Finance Package enables brokers to do just that, and process finance applications faster, while managing risk.

A suite of innovative tools to help brokers process finance applications efficiently, the package includes, Core Licenses (including CRM, invoice management, renewal optimisation, document library, reporting and multiple brands), Online Proposals, E-Signature, Quotation Documents, Quotation Licenses and a Pricing and Calculations Engine.

From £199 a month, the package is affordable, has absolutely no implementation fee and is priced dependent on the number of users needed.

Highly experienced in providing SaaS solutions to the asset, auto and consumer finance industries, Quotevine is well placed to step in and help brokers respond to the current crisis situation. With an in-depth understanding of the asset finance industry, Quickstart has been designed specifically for brokers.

Quotevine believe that asset finance firms are smaller, more agile and have a propensity towards problem-solving, as they understand the needs of smaller businesses. In order for brokers to seize this opportunity, Quickstart removes the need for manual input, reduces the risk of human error, creates mass operational efficiency and decreases time to market.

Quickstart offers brokers the opportunity to be a part of the solution, by processing applications quickly.

The Quickstart Asset Finance Broker Package doesn’t just allow brokers to provide help in the immediacy, it also enables them to ready their business for tomorrow. Quickstart innovates your processes without compromising your business, ensuring you’re future ready and set to succeed in our changed world. With everything centrally stored and managed in one place, teams can remain in-sync with anytime, anywhere access. Those businesses that take this opportunity and innovate now, will ready their business for the future and further their success, as they anticipate and subsequently thrive in a dynamic and developing world.

Be part of the solution, start processing finance applications faster.

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