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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit approximately 53% of SMEs* complained that they struggled to access finance for growth-and it’s now emerging that accredited lenders have struggled to get money to their customers when they need it most.

The pandemic has posed many challenges and lessors need to be able to respond to changing market dynamics quickly. During difficult and uncertain times it’s more important than ever to deliver a seamless lessee experience, stretching from loan application to receipt of funds.

In Q2 Lending’s eBook, “The high cost of lending uncovered”, they show you how you can unlock the massive opportunity in small- to mid-ticket leasing with end-to-end automation achieved via Straight-Through Processing (STP). The second chapter includes a best practices case study outlining how they helped a global FI deliver over $3bn in COVID related stimulus funding via STP.

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* https://www.oxfordeconomics.com/recent-releases/the-big-business-of-small-business