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UK-based Bynx has been producing fleet software for over 30 years, has customers all over the world and manages fleets of all sizes. PurCo Fleet Services Inc. is America's largest independent risk management company, devoted exclusively to loss prevention for vehicle rental companies. The two companies have joined forces to produce “PurInspect” - a vehicle inspection app that covers all vehicle inspection needs on a mobile phone or tablet.

The PurInspect app is the “wherever-whenever” app designed by rental vehicle damage professionals with the rental car agency in mind.

PurInspect gives rental companies a complete front-line and back-office tool that establishes a complete trail to document a vehicle’s condition - and gives time-stamped inspections with photos and secure identity tags at every step.

Some of the key PurInspect benefits include:

  • Increase customer loyalty while reducing outlay
  • Easily configured for large or small fleets regardless of how many users
  • Boost profitability and customer satisfaction at the same time
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency, saving time and money

PurInspect, unlike other digital damage applications, doesn’t require a complete location-assisted walk-around for every rental. Nor are you reliant on the renter to provide a complete and fair photo walk-around. PurInspect avoids these hassles, (along with blurry photos or incomplete photo records), by providing a complete inspection history for the vehicle. If the renter provides poor-quality photos, you’re not left in the lurch: you already have the secure and time-stamped vehicle condition history.

Thorough and simple, PurInspect provides both rentee and rentor confidence as you always know that pre-rental and post-rental damages have been identified and acknowledged. Whether one inspection is needed or 100, PurInspect is configurable to suit all rental needs. As inspections are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed anywhere. When the vehicle condition report is sent to the customer they provide a digital signature confirming the vehicle condition, wherever that pick-up location is.

PurInspect is about saving you time and money, while improving customer satisfaction. PurInspect promises to significantly reduce the potential challenges to whether damages did or did not occur during the rental period, giving everyone peace of mind.

To find out more by emailing: contactus@purco.com

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