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Alfa has announced the upcoming launch of Alfa Systems 6 - a breakthrough iteration of its Alfa Systems software platform.

Delivered in a series of releases over the coming year, Alfa Systems 6 introduces significant performance and functional enhancements, with a focus on addressing the dynamic challenges and opportunities facing the asset finance industry.

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Emily Hammond, Alfa’s Head of Product, said: “The asset finance landscape is constantly evolving, marked by challenges such as sustainability reporting, green financing, post-Covid complexities, and economic fluctuations. Alfa recognises these challenges, and we are committed to helping our customers thrive.

“Alfa Systems 6 will give our customers everything they need to tackle those challenges and capitalise on opportunities - without requiring them to change their infrastructure. If you’re a current Alfa Systems customer who takes upgrades, you will be able to implement these improvements as they are released throughout the year, leading up to the complete launch of Alfa Systems 6 in October 2024.”

Alfa Systems 6 is founded upon six pillars that define its capabilities: Efficiency, Scalability, Total Capability, Sustainability, Collaborative Ecosystem, and Intelligent Automation.

Alfa’s total understanding of the ways and needs of asset finance is evident in Alfa Systems 6. The sixth iteration will help finance providers to tackle the significant challenges they face, and seize the lucrative opportunities that lie waiting. Opportunities focus on sustainability, changing business models, financial products, and green and infrastructure financing, while the software platforms addresses current economic challenges facing the industry including post-Covid headaches, reducing costs, regulation and security concerns.

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According to Alfa’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Denton, the sixth major version release of the Alfa Systems software platform will be “a friction-free upgrade with game-changing advances”.

During the first half of 2023, Alfa made progress in several eye-catching new areas which will be headline items in the new version release, including Alfa Compose and Environmental Accounting. These new environmental software items highlight that Alfa is a “business with a conscience” and hugely aware that their software can assist the asset finance industry to innovate around green products.

Alfa Systems is the heart and lungs of some of the world’s largest and most progressive asset finance providers. Satisfying leasing software requirements of all sizes, the cloud-native Alfa Systems represents an integrated point solution, a rapid off-the-shelf implementation, or an end-to-end platform for the complex global enterprise.

Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business for equipment, automotive, wholesale and dealer finance, including originations, servicing and collections. It manages both high-volume transactions and complex leases and loans, in any region, language and currency.

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