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Nathan Mollett, chair of the Leasing Foundation, has set out a vision for the future, dubbed ‘LP 3.0’, which will see the organisation address two additional channels of activity, broaden its work in the regions, and become more active in the auto finance area.

The Foundation reported its existing channels of Innovation, NextGen, and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), have been very successful and remain aligned to its mission to rejuvenate and future proof the industry.

Going forward, and building on the foundation of Mike Randall’s work as chair, the Leasing Foundation will be adding two extra channels based on industry feedback: sustainability and giving.

Its sustainability work will use the same model as seen in Innovation and D&I where it facilitates the sharing of best practice, and the Foundation reported it has received lots of offers of support in this area and volunteers to lead these initiatives.

The Foundation originally did a lot of charitable activity, and given the support and engagement from the wider industry, this is an area where the industry can be brought together to support worthy causes.

New board appointments to support the new channels will be announced shortly.

Broader scope

In addition to the new sustainability and giving programmes, Mollett also intends to broaden the scope and reach of the Foundation both geographically and into other areas of finance. Most of its events are currently London-based but there is a large business finance community in the north who repeatedly say they would like to see more regional events.

With this in mind, the Foundation will organise a few events in the north later this year and maintain a more even regional balance of initiatives moving forwards. It also aims to get greater engagement from the motor finance sector and will focus on broadening its reach into this area. The Finance & Leasing Association already has active input into the current Foundation channels and this will continue with the new channels.

Nathan Mollett, chair of the Leasing Foundation commented: “We’ve had incredible success with the three channels that we have focused on over the last few years, delivering high-quality and much needed initiatives in key areas. In addition, our partnership with the FLA is stronger than ever and we continue to see this as a vital route of expanding our reach and supporting the industry.

“We now want to widen our focus. We asked for ideas and tangible support at the industry engagement event in the spring and have been inundated with offers. To deliver the same quality of work in giving and sustainability we will need to add fresh faces to the board. This makes sure we don’t dilute our focus on the existing channels and brings in new energy and fresh thinking to make sure we stay relevant as an organisation. You can expect some announcements over the coming weeks on this.”