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Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd and Synergy Commercial Finance have announced a notable upswing in the number of individuals choosing to embark on a career as brokers within their networks during the first half of their financial year (May to October 2023).

This surge in new members aligns with the Finance & Leasing Association's (FLA) report, which highlighted significant growth in the asset finance sector in July. Despite a somewhat sluggish economy, the demand for business finance remains robust, substantiating the attractiveness of this industry.

Aspirants opting to join these networks cited a myriad of reasons for their decision, with a common thread being the desire to run their businesses securely while ensuring full compliance. This intrinsic security, coupled with the reputation maintained by both Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd and Synergy Commercial Finance, was a compelling draw for new members.

Furthermore, the personal experiences shared by some, whether as funders or brokers, reinforced their confidence in these organisations. The comprehensive support and unmatched expertise provided by both companies also played pivotal roles in attracting new talent.

Commenting on behalf of the AFS Group, Group Operations, Director Justin Ford expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "It is fantastic to welcome a wave of new members in 2023, double our usual demand. We've long known the allure our network holds for new brokerages, but this latest cohort includes established businesses seeking enhanced value from their network relationships. We remain committed to expanding our operations in response to this burgeoning demand."