30 under 30 2023

The next generation of talented professionals will help to shape the future of the asset finance industry, bringing innovative ideas and creative flair to the table.

As an industry we must encourage, develop and retain this emerging talent.

Work is already being done though initiatives within the UK asset finance market, focusing on networking, innovation, and diversity and inclusion, to help attract, foster, and engage the career-driven young professionals who are the future of the industry.

Having the right balance of experience and young talent is critical to an organisation, with Next Gen hires making up a large proportion of the workforce. Ensuring that asset finance organisations commit to a robust strategy and culture to develop such talent into future leaders is essential, not just for succession planning but also for bringing new energy, fresh ideas and instinct for adopting new technology; all contributing to long-term business sustainability and growth.

This generation of workers often look for jobs with purpose and meaning, with a positive work-life balance being a high priority. The ability of employers to create a meaningful workplace that engages with society and the values of its team members is critical for attracting such professionals.

The 2023 edition of the Asset Finance Young Professionals Report looks at the mindset and culture, time and investment needed within the asset finance industry to attract and retain a pool of talented people. Focused young professionals can pass on their culture and values to the industry in these changing times and help the asset finance sector to develop and navigate the stormy and challenging times ahead.

Without the proper tools, such as a good purposeful company culture, innovative tech, career advancement, an internal mobility strategy, and providing a sense of community, the industry will be unable to recruit a team of diverse individuals who can relate to an increasingly diverse industry and client base.

This guide also highlights the importance of networking for young professionals in the asset finance industry. As a critical tool for young professionals to achieve their career goals, networking provides access to job opportunities, mentorship and support, and opportunities to develop important skills and knowledge.

Asset Finance Connect, in association with the Leasing Foundation, presented the inaugural Next Generation Workshop at their Summer 2023 Conference to promote networking skills and gain career insights amongst the next generation of talented asset finance professionals. The Next Gen stream continued to shine a spotlight on the industry’s young professionals at the recent AFC Autumn 2023 Conference.

In support of the young professionals in the industry, the Leasing Foundation was pleased to announce the 30 Under 30 winners of 2023 at the Asset Finance Connect 2023 Autumn Conference on 29th November. The complete list of winners with accompanying profiles can be found in this guide.

Download your copy of the Asset Finance Young Professionals Report 2023 here.

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