ghuari najeeb

Global finance software solutions provider NETSOL Technologies has implemented its NFS Ascent wholesale finance system in Japan for a leading German auto captive.

The launch marks the seventh country where it has successfully deployed the next-generation NFS Ascent system as part of a $110 Million, 12-country contract, originally signed in 2015.

The contract includes implementations, licenses, maintenance, services and expected customisation fees for the deployment, which represents the largest contract in NETSOL’s history.

The implementation in Japan, which follows China, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea, includes both the wholesale finance system as well as the dealer and auditor access system.

Najeeb Ghauri, chairman and chief executive officer of NETSOL Technologies, said: “With our latest implementation in Japan, we have made formidable progress in our 12-country contract.

“Every new location so far has been a success, and we have even been able to outpace our originally anticipated timeline to-date.

“Each implementation presents its own unique set of challenges, and Japan was no exception. However, the speed at which we continue to execute, which has been dictated by our avoidance of any major setbacks, is a testament to both the adaptability of our technologies and dependability of our team.”

NETSOL Technologies is a worldwide provider of IT and enterprise software solutions primarily serving the global leasing and finance industry.

Its suite of applications is backed by more than 1,000 employees in eight support and delivery centres worldwide, providing its NFS, LeasePak, LeaseSoft and NFS Ascent systems that provide a fully-automated asset-based finance solution covering the complete leasing and finance lifecycle.

Naeem Ghauri, NETSOL Technologies president and head of sales, added: "Each successful deployment further validates our products and processes and lends credence to our industry knowledge and local market insights. We are progressively becoming more efficient and more dynamic with every rollout, and we look forward to continuing this success throughout duration of this contract.”