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CSI LifeCycle Leasing GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSI Leasing, Inc., recently announced the acquisition of tradefinity GmbH, a leading German IT asset disposal (ITAD) company with more than 15 years of experience in IT services, refurbishing and remarketing used IT equipment.

The new German subsidiary joins sister ITAD companies in Europe, EPC Global Solutions UK Ltd and EPC Global Solutions Slovakia, s.r.o. With the acquisition of tradefinity, CSI Leasing, Inc. now has 20 ITAD facilities worldwide.

tradefinity GmbH will expand CSI’s ITAD capabilities in Europe by bringing 30 highly-experienced employees in two locations, Frankfurt and Hamburg, that manage up to 100,000 assets yearly. CSI LifeCycle Leasing GmbH will now be able to provide secure and sustainable ITAD services in-house for medium and large enterprises. This acquisition reinforces CSI’s mission to help customers finance, manage and dispose of IT securely and sustainably.

tradefinity GmbH will continue to be managed by its founders Jürgen Schultes, Sebastian Haeckel, Alexander Graf and Paul Knowles.

“tradefinity has built an exceptional business, along with a state-of-the-art ITAD facility,” said Bernhard Schneider, managing director at CSI LifeCycle Leasing GmbH (pictured). “Their highly-skilled team and well-established remarketing platform is a tremendous asset to the CSI family. CSI LifeCycle Leasing GmbH has been working with tradefinity to process lease returns for years, so we have first-hand experience with their professionalism and high-level of service.”

“We have dedicated our lives to establishing tradefinity as a leading ITAD provider in Germany and are excited for the opportunity to join a global ITAD business with similar exceptional services, values and mission.” said the tradefinity management team in a joint statement.