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Fleet Alliance has introduced a new solution to help businesses assess whether they are ready to make the transition to electric vehicles. In partnership with Diode, a specialist in digital sales journeys for vehicle providers, Fleet Alliance is offering a new EV readiness tool to allow firms of any size to assess how ready they, and their employees, are to go down an electrification route.

The tool, one of a number of bespoke solutions North London-based Diode has pioneered, provides an intuitive digital journey for businesses and their drivers, helping them assess their readiness to make the transition to electric vehicles.

Fleet Alliance is providing businesses and their employees with free access to the tool, which is powered by Diode’s unique EV suitability assessment, instant driver readiness report and dynamic business insights dashboard.

For businesses, the tool highlights how much charging infrastructure is required to support the transition to EVs, when and where to install it, what power is required and an estimate of how much it will cost. It also outlines employees’ suitability and interest in EVs and assesses the potential vehicle running costs and CO2 savings across the business.

From an employee’s perspective, the tool allows them to complete an EV suitability assessment which leads to a personalised driver readiness report. This shows the ways an EV could work for them, detailing the convenience of charging and running-cost savings.

The suitability assessment also includes a detailed breakdown of charging costs and frequency for every EV on the market, and allows drivers to view pricing and select a new vehicle.

Fleet Alliance is committed to supporting its customers to achieve their sustainability objectives, and this latest development is the latest in a line of initiatives the company has taken to help its customers meet their Environment, Social and Governance agendas.

Company CEO, Andy Bruce, said that the new tool would help businesses in their decision-making by providing a clear picture of their readiness to transition to EVs.

“This new tool cuts through the fog of uncertainty that often surrounds the decision to transition to EVs. And by providing clarity, it helps make the decision-making process easier – for both businesses and their employees.”

Fleet Alliance is firmly committed to transitioning to EVs at the earliest opportunity, as exemplified by its membership of the EV100 movement, and has clear plans to electrify its 30,000-strong managed fleet by 2030. Fleet Alliance’s own corporate fleet went fully electric in mid-2021. The company recently announced it had seen the proportion of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) on its managed fleet grow to record levels in the last 12 months.

Around two thirds (66%) of last year’s new car sales were ULEVs, with one third battery electric vehicles (BEVs), a year-on-year growth rate of 50% over 2021, and one third hybrid vehicles, sales of which were up by 10% in the last 12 months.

A key driver in this growth has been Fleet Alliance’s salary sacrifice scheme that it launched in late 2021 and which has proved increasingly successful, primarily because of the current cost-of-living crisis and the tax benefits that the scheme delivers for EV drivers.