Lester mark

Renaissance Asset Finance, part of Arbuthnot Latham & Co., Ltd., is the most recent asset finance player to collaborate with its industry peers as it becomes part of the Acquis Lumia community.

Lumia, a central register of asset finance borrowing, was launched in 2022 to provide unique data insights within the asset finance market. Based on industry collaboration it enables lenders to see a company’s current asset finance arrangements in real time, thereby helping them make informed lending decisions. So far over 75% of the market has committed to Lumia.

Mark Lester (pictured), Managing Director at Renaissance Asset Finance commented: “We are delighted to have become a part of the Acquis Lumia community. Fraud is an all-encompassing issue within asset finance that we all want to see dealt with, but it relies on businesses working together to stop it in its tracks. Lumia, now gathering real momentum, is showing the power that collaboration can have in preventing fraudulent activity.”

James Rudolf, Director at Acquis Data Services, commented: “With Renaissance Asset Finance on board, the strength and effectiveness of Lumia only grows. We are pleased to welcome another important player in the asset finance market to our ever-growing community, demonstrating that collaboration is key to the provision of new data for more informed decision-making.”