Oertengren Ylva 2024

Specialist business lending provider Simply Asset Finance has successfully gone live with Lendscape’s asset finance platform.

With Lendscape, Simply Asset Finance will benefit from enhanced back-office operational efficiency and customer service capabilities. The platform will support rapid growth and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

The transition to Lendscape’s fully cloud-native, open API system also provides Simply Asset Finance with a foundation for further innovation, with its greater flexibility and smart technology opening the door to new creative possibilities.

Ylva Oertengren (pictured), COO of Simply commented: "Our aim has always been to pioneer industry transformation and deliver exceptional customer service, supported by the best teams and cutting-edge technology. This technology is also a springboard for innovation, enabling easy integration with other providers, diversification of business channels, and the swift introduction of new and innovative products for current and future customers. Everything that comes next will be built on this foundation.”

Commenting on the precision of the Lendscape platform, Ylva added, “We reconciled the numbers, and it’s penny-perfect.”

The migration of Simply’s c. £0.5bn book to the Lendscape platform was completed entirely to plan and was seamlessly executed with no interruption of service, an achievement underscored by the fact that users were able to engage with the intuitive system from day one without any issues.

“Our customers are our first priority, and maintaining continuity throughout this process was essential,” said Ylva. “I’m delighted to say that the migration was achieved with zero business disruption.”

Steve Taplin, Managing Director at Lendscape, commented: “This is a significant step on an exciting journey, and a testament to our collaborative partnership. Simply’s incredible team worked closely with our experts to build a platform that paves the way for future growth and innovation, founded on the knowledge and expertise of the Lendscape team.

“The outcome is a transformative product engine within their tech ecosystem that offers new capabilities for customer acquisition, mid-life management, end of life processing, and more.”