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A new report released today reveals the 10 key ways the automotive industry will be permanently changed by growing demand for electric vehicles, as companies shift away from diesel to new sources of power.

The Fleet Future report, powered by Bynx, is available for download from today and reveals how demand for battery electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars has risen so much that in the first quarter of 2021, alternatively fuelled vehicles outsold diesel in Europe.

This rapid transition is being driven by generous government incentives that make electric vehicles very cost efficient compared to internal combustion engines, reducing tax bills for drivers and companies alike.

In the August issue, Fleet Future examines the 10 ways that EVs are changing fleet management forever, ranging from vehicle acquisition to total cost of ownership analysis and breakdown procedures.

The new fleet report also includes in-depth interviews about the impact of electrification with Marco Lessacher, CEO, Alphabet International and Jason Chamberlain, sales and marketing director, Rivus Fleet Solutions.

Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director for Bynx, said: “Fleets currently face an unprecedented challenge that will require expert management and strong partnerships with suppliers to successfully adapt while still operating an efficient and safe fleet.

“However, this change is an opportunity to embed best practice and carry out a detailed review of the fleet to ensure it can adapt to future developments, while supporting business growth.”

To read your copy of Fleet Future, powered by Bynx, download the first issue using the form below.

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